What We Believe

Working For You

At AGS Support Services, we exist to be responsive, forward-thinking, confident and positive or to put it another way, we are Working for you’.

We are specialist in the Rail Industry sector and provide candidates and placements across the whole transport industry.

  • We are in the people business with over 15 years of experience
  • Our clients and candidates trust AGS Support Services to deliver an array of products and services to the transport industry
  • To aspire and evolve our existing training offering; e-Learning, core skills and HOT protocol
  • We wish to deliver in-house ICI Sentinel Assessments, following NSAR accreditation
  • We aim to provide our clients with fully accredited labour provision for the rail industry; temporary or permanent placements. Being able to manage and deliver the e-Learning training in-house would allow a more seamless delivery
  • Our candidates would benefit from a professional, cost-effective, supportive training provider
  • We are excited to work with many clients within the UK rail industry
  • As a significant contributor to the overall economy, the rail industry remains an exciting place to work
  • As a supplier of temporary and permanent staff, we wish to partner with the rail industry to help collectively drive the sector forward, through training delivery